Sizwe Dhlomo Throws Shade As Simz Ngema's Statement On Visiting Thabo Bester Falls FlatSimphiwe Ngema x Sizwe Dhlomo. Image: Instagram/@simzngema and @sizwedhlomo

“You Should Have Kept Quiet”: Sizwe Dhlomo Throws Shade As Simz Ngema’s Statement On Visiting Thabo Bester Falls Flat

Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo has aired out his views on the ongoing Thabo Bester saga after saying he thinks actress Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema shot herself in the foot with her recent statement.

Earlier this week, Ngema was revealed as the high-profile celebrity who visited Thabo Bester, a convicted murderer and rapist in jail.

The news quickly spread and prompted Ngema to release a statement acknowledging her visit to Bester, whom she knew as TK Motsepe, a businessman she had worked with and who owed her money.

After the statement was shared, many South Africans questioned the actress’s motives and she eventually deleted it.

Sizwe Dhlomo Mocks Simz Ngema For Thabo Bester Statement 

As more shocking details from the Thabo Bester case continue to surface, South African social media users are still reeling in disbelief.

Simphiwe Ngema is the latest actress to be roped into the mess after it was revealed that she was the female celebrity who visited Thabo Bester while he was incarcerated.

Ngema stated that she had worked for Bester’s 21 Century media company for a few events and went to the prison to inquire about outstanding payments.

The statement quickly went viral, and many locals were left puzzled as to why Ngema would expect a prisoner to pay her.

As a result, she faced ridicule online, and despite deleting the statement, the mocking continues.

Sizwe Dhlomo joined those who laughed at the statement and questioned why Ngema would post it without first having a legal team review it.

“Ukuthi nani niyawathanda ama press release abhedayo! Thula uma indaba yakho ingekho straight! Buka manje! SMH! (You love unnecessary press releases. You should have kept quiet if you weren’t sure about your story. Now, Look! Shaking My Head (SMH),” he wrote in a tweet.

While Sizwe did not specifically name Simz, many instantly knew who he is referring to.

“And to think l didn’t even believe that its true that she went to the prison… had she kept quiet l would have believed that its just another rumour,” one person wrote.

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