NPA Nellie TembeMzansi criticise NPA’s following its announcement on AKA’s late bae Nellie Tembe’s Death.[ Image Credit: AKA Instagram ]

Zim Traditional Healer Requests R20 Million To Resurrect AKA

Zimbabwean traditional healer Papa Isaac Makomichi from Masvingo, says he can use magic to ressurrect  AKA back to life for three hours.

The magician, Makomich, said that the trick could only be done without the presence of witnesses.

This is because Makomichi, a magician, was reportedly attacked after he brought someone back to life for 10 minutes when he had been paid to do it for two hours. He blamed a one-eyed family member for the incident.

The Masvingo-based magician is also known for preparing love potions and performing amazing magic tricks like “moving mountains”.

Kiernan Forbes, also known as AKA, was killed by a gunshot on Friday night on Florida Road in the Morningside area of Durban.

traditional healer resurrect AKA
Traditional healer demands R20 million to resurrect AKA [Image: Instagram/@akaworldwide/@tkmogotsi]
AKA was 35 years old and was celebrating his birthday in several cities. On the night, he was about to perform at an event called AKA Supa Mega Birthday Celebration when two gunmen shot and killed him.

After a shooting occurred, the club cancelled their event due to unexpected circumstances.

“EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES,” reads the club’s post after the tragic incident.

Meanwhile, a video from a restaurant in Florida called “Wish On” where AKA was shot, is making rounds on Twitter.

The video taken by the security camera shows AKA and his friends leaving the restaurant, where the Fella in Versace rapper was geared for the Yugo show.

The rapper hugged his friends goodbye and hugged the one wearing a bucket hat more closely.

AKA was just reaching out to embrace a friend when disaster struck – a gunman wearing white and a hat, gun drawn and pointed straight at him.

When the gunman was almost there – he pulled the trigger, and the rapper AKA was shot in the head or neck. In an instant, AKA fell to the ground, and a pool of blood quickly grew beneath his head as his life ebbed away.