AKA in the United States (Image Credit: AKA/Instagram)

AKA’s Family Finally Responds To Shocking CCTV Videos Of The Rapper’s Tragic Death

AKA’s family has released a statement about the leaked CCTV videos that were spread online showing the rapper being killed over the weekend.

On Saturday, February 11th, two videos of the exact moment the rapper known as AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes) was shot and killed were released to the public. The videos showed two angles of how a suspected gunman and his partner ran up to AKA and shot him.

AKA's family CCTV videos
AKA’s Family Responds To Leaked CCTV Videos Of His Death [Image: Screenshot/Twitter/@Christsnature]

AKA went to Durban to have a birthday celebration. When he left a restaurant in Morningside, some killers attacked and shot him in the back of his head. They also killed his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

Rudolph Baloyi, a lawyer, spoke to Newzroom Africa on behalf of the Forbes family, saying they were agitated by the terrible videos making rounds on social media.

“The way that Kiernan passed is tragic. By the time the videos became available, everybody was shocked. Everybody then understood the full extent of what exactly happened and how brutal it was.

“So, for the videos to be uploaded online, obviously, the family would have wanted everything private. You don’t want to have such images of your child floating out there for everybody to see.

“But also, I think it sheds light on what happened to him. It also brings some level of closure to the people that knew him and also to the family. So it’s a feeling of either gratefulness, but also a feeling of pain because the family would have wanted to keep it private.”

Baloyi said that AKA’s dad, and some of the rapper’s managers had watched the video before someone circulated it online without permission.

AKA’s family is looking into how the security camera footage was released to the public and will decide if they can take legal action afterwards, Baloyi said.