Baby Cele Addresses Her Emotional Exit From Uzalo

Actress, Baby Cele who played the role of Gabisile finally opened up about exiting Uzalo! 

The actress who was interviewed by another publication expressed how emotional and painful it was to close the chapter of Gabisile and also stated that she’s already busy with another show on ETV.

She stated:

“You know what’s funny, when we started she wasn’t a villain. She was someone who wanted to make a difference in KwaMashu. She grew up there, disappeared for years and then came back. A good, spiritual, God-fearing woman and along the way, she  changed. But I’m no writer so I didn’t complain.

“It breaks my heart to be honest with you because I have never played such a character before. Leaving Uzalo is like losing my family. I was telling someone that it’s like having a healthy baby only to be told I have to give it up for adoption. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the last episode.”

The talented actress also reflected about moving to KZN, where the show is shot:

“At first, I thought I was going to face challenges. I had just got married then I had to move. I remember I signed the contract without talking to my husband about it. But afterwards, we spoke about. He was a bit angry for a few minutes but then he agreed.

For me to go down there, it was for me to go through my calling. I am a sangoma and also an actress. There was something else t I had to fulfil spiritually which has been in my visions for a period of time. I never understood that it had to take me to go to Durban to fulfil all that.”

Though the actress is saddened by the ending of her contract with Uzalo, she assured her fans that they’ll be seeing her soon on another show ETV, which she’ll be busy with for a few months.


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