Gogo Maweni

Bank Balance Breaking Vows?| Celebrity Sangoma Gogo Maweni’s Marriage On The Rocks

Celebrity sangoma, Gogo Maweni, is reportedly on the verge of divorcing her husband Sabelo Mgube.

Surprisingly, it’s not due to any financial woes, but rather due to her significant wealth.

Apparently, Gogo Maweni’s ancestors disapprove of her having a husband, and rumors circulating within her inner circle suggest that her current relationship is on the rocks.

According to sources, Gogo Maweni’s marriage is facing turmoil, and it’s rumored that the reason behind it is her higher financial status compared to her husband, Sabelo Mgube.

The source alleges that Gogo Maweni’s ego has been inflated, leading to conflicts in the relationship.

The situation reportedly escalated when Sabelo was involved in a car accident that damaged Gogo Maweni’s Mercedes-Benz, resulting in further tension in the marriage.

The source told ZiMoja:

“She is an independent woman, she makes more money, and her ego is inflated. You can earn money, which is already an issue for a man. When he crashed her car, she said some crazy things to him which I will not repeat.

“She can fight and have fake beef with people but not bring that home. They are still together and living in the house, but they are having serious issues. I won’t mention the insecurities. She thinks every woman wants her husband.”

It has been reported that Gogo Maweni had a previous relationship with former The Queen star SK Khoza, and they share a son.

In the past, Gogo Maweni made claims that she had used witchcraft to make SK Khoza fulfill his financial responsibilities towards their child after he had allegedly been neglectful.

It has also been revealed that Gogo Maweni has a daughter with Siyabonga Zulu, a former player for Mamelodi Sundowns.

In a June 2022 interview with MacG on the Podcast And Chill show, Gogo Maweni disclosed that during their relationship, Siyabonga Zulu was unemployed, and she used her traditional powers to assist him in securing a football team.

Gogo Maweni stated that she didn’t mind Zulu living in her house and using her car since she had more financial resources.

However, after Zulu’s football career took off, he became unfaithful and would spend money on other women at clubs. She further disclosed that Zulu had once spent R45,000 at a nightclub.

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