From Engagement To Estrangement| Nonku Williams’ Love Story Takes A Dramatic Turn

The love story between The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Nonku Williams and her fiancé Dumisani Ndlazi has reportedly come to an abrupt end.

Williams, who announced their engagement just a week ago, has decided to call it quits with Ndlazi.

The reality star has ended her relationship with her fiancé, who is popularly known as Rough Diamond, following allegations that he defrauded her in a joint business venture.

An inside source who is familiar with the former couple’s relationship revealed that they had been collaborating on a business venture before the fallout.

The source disclosed that Dumisani Ndlazi had allegedly committed fraud by misappropriating the funds and absconding with some of the money, which ultimately led to the breakdown of their romantic relationship.

“They had a tender deal they worked on together. When the deal was through, Dumisani took all the money and built a house in his village leaving Nonku high and dry,” the source to Zimoja.

Furthermore, another insider shared that Nonku Williams is feeling deeply betrayed by Rough Diamond, as she had put her trust in him and had even defended him against social media users who warned her against getting involved with him.

“We are still not sure what is going to happen because she is genuinely hurt and feels betrayed by someone who is supposed to have her back, “adds the source.

How Nonku Williams Allegedly Stole Money From Her Own Family

Many social media users have expressed little surprise at the news of Nonku Williams allegedly being scammed by her former fiancé, Rough Diamond.

Some social media users have claimed that they had warned Williams about the potential risks of getting involved with him, but she had ignored their advice.

However, one particular Twitter user with the handle @Nolwazin has made a shocking claim that Williams had embezzled funds from her own family.

According to @Nolwazin, Williams had allegedly stolen money contributed towards the construction of her mother’s church.

“What a glorious morning celebrating this lady’s downfall. It’s as if she shared what she did with her man during pillow talk and he copied and pasted her actions towards her. 😭🤚🏽

Nonku stole money from her family and further embezzled funds everyone contributed to go build her mother a lousy church and RD did the EXACT same thing to her. LMFAO. 😭🤚🏽.”

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