Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)

Looks Like DJ Fresh: Dr Rebecca Malope’s Life-Size Statue Gets Mzansi Laughing

Renowned South African gospel singer, Rebecca Malope, has been honoured with a life-sized statue in celebration of her 35-year career in the music industry.

The statue features Malope’s signature haircut and wears a purple dress and black heels. It was presented to the musician at a glorious event in honour of her.

Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)
Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)

Fans think Rebecca Malope’s statue looks like DJ Fresh

While many of Malope’s fans appreciated the gesture, others found the statue humorous, with some saying that it resembles DJ Fresh more than the singer. Here are some of the comments on the statue:

@Brooks Dee;

DJ Fresh is that you?

@Zet Gabada;

Exactly like her?? Kahle bo. Ngu DJ Fresh Malope lo

@Thulani Skosanah;

I think my eyes are deceiving me 😭 the statue looks like Dj Fresh 

Rebecca Malope loves the statue and has it home

Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)
Rebecca Malope-Image Source(Twitter)

However, Dr Rebecca Malope, while talking to TshisaLive, stated that she was excited about the statue. She also said that she now keeps it in her house.

I fell over immediately after seeing the statue because nobody told me that I was going to receive it. I didn’t even imagine that someone would think of honouring me in such a big way. I love my twin (that’s what I call the statue) so much. It’s with me in my house right now .”

Despite this, Malope was elated and referred to the statue as her “twin.” She also received an R10,000 voucher from Mpumalanga Tourism and a ‘Dr Rebecca Honorary Award.’

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