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Costa Titch’s Death| Fans Worried As Robot Boii Loses Yet Another Friend

Social media users have expressed concern for Amapiano artist, dancer, MC, and podcaster Robot Boii following the death of Costa Titch who was also very close to him.

Rapper and dancer Costa Titch died after he collapsed on Saturday, 11 March, at the Ultra Music Festival.

Paying tribute to his friend, whose real name is Constantinos Tsobanoglou, Robot Boii took to his social media page and wrote:

“‘After this I’m gonna do Music & I’m gonna ba an Artist’ ️✌You said it and you did it… from being a dancer to a superstar Thank you for taking it there Prayers go out to the Family & TITCH GANG.”

His Twitter post was accompanied by a picture of him, Costa Titch, and their former colleagues in their younger days, a screenshot of one of their conversations, and images of the late 28-year-old rapper as a well-established artist.

The concerns come after the 29-year-old Popcorn and Cheese podcaster has sadly lost many friends in the last couple of years.

Sometime in August 2021, his friends and amapiano stars Killer Kau, Mpura, The Voice, Thando Tot, and Thando TD all lost their lives following a tragic car accident in Rustenburg.

Six months down the line, in February 2022, he also lost rapper Riky Rick to alleged suicide.

Below are some of the comments on Twitter:


Robot boii has lost so many friends man and all so closely after the other ☹️ I hope he’s okay man


Robot Boii has lost so many people close to him and those he grew up with. This boy has been through tough times dealing with traumatic loss, we must give him hugs when we see him!😩💔


I genuinely do not understand how Robot Boii is still on his feet man. He’s lost so many people around him. Yoh


Nah bro robot boii keeps losing those around him ekse 💔💔💔 his friends and family need to check up on him. 

By jdt