Pearl Shongwe (Image Credit; TimesLive/DailySun)Pearl Shongwe (Image Credit; TimesLive/DailySun)

Drug Overdose Revealed As The Possible Cause Of Pearl Shongwe’s Death: New Details Emerge 

Drug overdose has been cited as the possible cause of the death of prominent television and radio Pearl Shongwe.

On November 8, 2022, the 35-year-old Metro FM presenter passed away at her residence in Johannesburg.

It is now believed that Pearl Shongwe may have died due to a drug overdose, as drugs were discovered and confiscated from her Waterfall residence.

Sunday World has reported that the investigators assigned to investigate Pearl Shongwe’s death have dismissed the possibility of any foul play.

Instead, the authorities are now focusing on a potential drug overdose and are waiting for the toxicology report to determine the exact cause of her passing.

“We suspect drug overdose because we have found drugs in her bedroom when we were combing the house for possible leads to her death, said the detective,” said the detective who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Initially, there were suspicions of foul play surrounding Pearl Shongwe’s unexpected death.

 [Image Credit: SABCNews]
Pearl Shongwe [Image Credit: SABCNews]

When her lifeless body was discovered, lying face down in a prone position in her bedroom, her family and the complex security guards had to remove her bedroom window to gain entry after she failed to respond.

However, the investigators assigned to the case have since ruled out the possibility of any foul play and are now focusing on investigating a potential drug overdose as the cause of her death.

‘We are doing so because it is also possible that someone might have killed her and left drugs there to cover up their evil deeds. But all that will be determined by a preliminary autopsy report. which we will get in two weeks.” said the detective.

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