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Bulelwa ‘Zahara’ Mkutukana, renowned for her hit song “Loliwe,” succumbed to an illness on December 11, 2023, following a prolonged hospitalization. Though she hailed from a devoutly Christian family, it has been revealed by a close family member, who requested anonymity, that Zahara was on the path to becoming a sangoma.

The Calling

The family source disclosed, “Zahara had embarked on consultations and initiation processes. She was experiencing revelations and vivid dreams but chose not to disclose this to her family due to their strict Christian beliefs. She confided in only a few, including her husband, who provided unwavering support emotionally, financially, and in all other ways.”

The relative elaborated on the hardships Zahara faced, attributing them to her hesitation in embracing her calling. “She possessed a prophetic gift and understood that her life’s struggles were linked to her reluctance in accepting her calling,” he stated. “Upon acceptance and seeking guidance, her circumstances began to improve significantly, with Mpho (Xaba) standing by her side.” He added, “Much will come to light about Bulelwa’s experiences; she endured a great deal due to family and sibling dynamics.”

Zahara had a calling as a sangoma-Image Source@X

Losing Everything

Recently, Zahara’s sisters were forcibly evicted from her Little Falls residence by law enforcement, as the property had a new owner due to financial difficulties. “They were expected to vacate in September, but the new owner allowed them time to gather funds to repurchase the house. Unfortunately, they failed to do so and were finally evicted this past weekend,” the source confirmed.

The family member also confirmed the sale of Zahara’s furniture. “Indeed, most of the furniture was sold to close acquaintances. The unsold items were left behind as they relocated to the Eastern Cape. Bandezwa, the eldest sister, is now residing with their parents in one of the backrooms.”

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When approached by ZiMoja, Zahara’s sister Bandezwa expressed ignorance regarding the sangoma calling. “Bulelwa was undoubtedly talented, and her gift was music, nothing else. We are unaware of any sangoma calling and do not believe in it,” she stated firmly.


By Letho