Thuli Phongolo shows off new house-Image Source(Instagram)Thuli Phongolo shows off new house-Image Source(Instagram)

In Pictures: DJ Thuli Phongolo Celebrates Buying New House

DJ Thuli Phongolo, a popular entertainer, recently revealed on Instagram that she bought a million-dollar house. In a subtle post, Thuli shared a picture of her hand holding a picture of her house while it looked hazy in the background.

She expressed her gratitude to God, her ancestors, and her loved ones for their support. She said that she likes to hold back a lot of things when it comes to celebrating her achievements. Thuli claimed that her house was once an idea that she worked very hard towards till it became a reality, and she finally bought it.

The actress and Dj is a household name and is famously known for her role in several Television shows. These include Muvhango, The Wife and many more. As someone with many followers, many brands want to work with her too, and she has been given work as a brand ambassador to some big companies like Levis, Baby Soft and even Ivy Park.

Thuli Phongolo shows off her new house to her fans

Over the past years, she has also dipped her hand in another branch of the entertainment sector. Thuli is now one of the most booked South African DJs, and she is good at the craft. Despite coming from a wealthy family, she worked her way up as an independent woman and is now a millionaire due to her hard work.

Although Thuli has not shared any pictures of the inside of her new home, fans and celebrities such as Thembi Seete and Bonang Matheba congratulated her on her achievement. The entertainer has another house that she already lived in and has shown off a number of times on her social media pages.

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