Mihlali Ndamase buys new whip-Image Source(Instagram)Mihlali Ndamase buys new whip-Image Source(Instagram)

Trading Up: Mihlali Ndamase Dumps Repossessed Range Rover for a New Whip

Mihlali Ndamase, a social media personality, had her Range Rover repossessed, which caused a stir on social media.

It was revealed that businessman Leeroy Sidambe bought the car for his then-wife as a gift for their anniversary, but after their separation, he gave it to Mihlali Ndamase. Social media users and some of Mary-Jane’s friends trolled Mihlali Ndamase for taking Mary-Jane’s life and also her car and house.

Mihlali only responded by changing her Twitter username and adding Hot-Topic to it. Leeroy was the one who made an official statement and asked people to stop calling Mihlali names as she had not ruined his family, but he said he was separated when he started dating her. Leeroy later said that Mihlali’s only crime was loving him, and he wishes he would make it up to her for the pain and ridicule.

Mihlali Ndamase buys new Mercedes Benz after her Range Rover was repossessed.

However, in his final divorce proceedings, a court ruled that Leeroy should return the car to his ex-wife, Mary Jane, leaving Ndamase without a car. Social media went into a frenzy and laughed at Mihlali after the car went back to Mary-Jane.

Mihlali Ndamase purchased a new R2.5 million Mercedes-Benz a few weeks after returning the Range Rover to Mary Jane.

She shared her excitement on Instagram and thanked God for blessing her hard work. Mihlali also thanked the car dealership for their excellent service. Social media rumours had suggested that Mihlali was left without a car after the Range Rover was returned.

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