Kabza no-showKabza De Small (Image: IOL)

Kabza De Small, the acclaimed Amapiano artist who recently wowed audiences at Gold Reef City with the Symphonic Orchestra, left another group of fans disheartened after a no-show. The artist failed to appear at a much-anticipated music festival in Johannesburg, causing frustration and disappointment among partygoers.

A Disappointing No-Show

Kabelo Petrus Motha, known popularly as Kabza De Small, was scheduled to headline the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival from June 27 to 29 at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg. This prestigious event, one of Gauteng’s premier youth arts festivals, draws thousands of young people from various cultural backgrounds to celebrate Youth Month in June. Alongside other prominent acts such as Mörda, Sjava, and Amagugu Ezwe, Kabza’s absence was keenly felt.

A source revealed to ZiMoja that the event’s MC repeatedly assured the crowd that Kabza was on his way, fostering false hope among the attendees. “They kept announcing his imminent arrival, but eventually, the crowd grew weary of the empty promises, and some started to leave,” the source stated.

A Major Disappointment

Janine Levinia Muthusamy, the marketing manager for Constitution Hill, expressed her regret to ZiMoja about Kabza’s no-show on Saturday night. Despite their efforts to contact Kabza’s management and delay the announcement, they were eventually forced to inform the audience of his absence. “We tried reaching out all night without any response. It was a significant letdown to not have the contract honoured and to receive no communication,” Muthusamy explained.

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She added that just before the festival concluded, they received a message from Kabza’s management stating that he was delayed due to another event. “The story shifted, and they claimed he had a flat tire,” Muthusamy added. When contacted for a statement, Kabza indicated that he would address the situation later. “I can’t comment at the moment; I will release a statement in due time,” he said.

By Letho