Mr Brown Record LabelMr Brown x Makhadzi (Image:@ThoyasEnt/Twitter)

Makhadzi’s Zimbabwean Producer Mr Brown Starts Up Record Label After Exploitation Allegations

Makhadzi’s Zimbabwean producer Mr Brown has decided to start his own record label following allegations of exploitation.

The popular Zimbabwean producer has decided to become independent from any record labels, following the footsteps of Amapiano star, Sir Trill.

Mr Brown Record Label
Mr Brown (Image: Mr Brown/Facebook)

Mr Brown, who produced several hit songs for the famous South African singer Makhadzi, said he hadn’t received any royalties for his work.

It was, however reported that the Zimbabwean producer and his former record label settled their disagreement amicably despite Mr Brown taking to social media to expose the record label for exploiting him.

Announcing his new record label, Mr Brown wrote on his Facebook page asking his followers to support his new ‘project’.

“Morning my good people .pliz help me push my company under my name. Its u who guys that i need your support …… 

I really wish to get your support”

Before starting his own music company, Mr Brown said he was unhappy with how he was being treated at Open Mic.

“I am sick and tired of being a slave for people and at the end of the day end up being paid peanuts.” In another post he said: “The reason you are not well paid is because they wanna control you so that you will depend on them. Learn to be your own boss.”

The following day, the posts were removed, and when he was reached for a comment by a news outlet concerning his fall out with Open Mic, Mr Brown said he had an argument with the record label but refused to give more information.

“I can confirm that there was a misunderstanding between me and Open Mic due to some other issues which we have managed to sort them out. It wasn’t something big, it was a misunderstanding between an employer and employee,” he said.