Mapaseka and DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)Mapaseka and DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)

Life Imitates Art: Scandal Actress Mapaseka Koetle Gets Divorced In Real Life

Mapaseka Koetle has confirmed that her marriage to Nelson Nyokong is finished and they are getting a divorce. She has stopped using her double-barrel surname on social media and no longer wears her wedding ring.

The actress told Zimoja that she and Nelson are no longer living together. They tried to work things out, but it did not work and they decided to get a divorce. Mapaseka does not talk about her private life in public, so not much is known about her and Nelson.

Mapaseka Koetle gets divorced in real life

Mapaseka Koetle is now divorced-Image Source(Instagram)
Mapaseka Koetle is now divorced-Image Source(Instagram)

The actress has had fans wondering if her character on Television is now spilling over into her life. The actress who plays Dintle Nyathi on the series Scandal has had her fair share of failed marriages on-screen. Her character has always been unlucky in love and is yet to find real love.

Recently she even thought that she had found the love of her life and went on to marry him despite the age difference and the people against their relationship. However, the man turned out to be her biological father and her estranged mother confirmed it after she attended their wedding.

Her rumored affair with DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)
DJ Fresh-Image Source(Instagram)

It was rumored that she was seeing DJ Fresh, who split from his wife Thabiso Sekwane last year, but she denied it: “I know the DJ, but we are not dating. Whether I have moved on is neither here nor there.”

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