Aka Nota Baloyi [Image: Instagram/@lavidanota/@akaworldwide/@tkmogotsi]

Nota Baloyi Forced to Leave AKA’s Home After Unwelcomed Visit

Nota Baloyi, a controversial music industry insider, was reportedly forced to leave AKA’s home in Bryanston, Johannesburg, where he had gone to pay his condolences to the Forbes family following the death of the rapper.

Nota’s departure may have been influenced by the visits of other well-known personalities such as DJ Oskido and ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula, who also went to pay their respects at AKA’s home.

Yanga Chief, who is also a rapper and AKA’s friend, revealed that Nota Baloyi got a rude awakening when he realized that his visit was not appreciated.

Yanga tweeted:

“You were turned away from Kiernan’s home yesterday!!! (Claiming you’re SABC). Next thing, you are accusing everyone of BS. You’re pathetic! Always have been and always will be!! F*ck you Nota!! We don’t need you!!! Never did, never will!! You’re a fraud!!”

 In an old interview that is currently trending on Twitter, AKA shared that Nota visited him in Cape Town to offer support when his former girlfriend Nellie Tembe passed away in 2021.


However, Nota reportedly used the conversations he had with AKA’s family during the visit to attempt to harm the rapper’s reputation.

Nota has been making accusations and promoting conspiracy theories about the suspected motive behind AKA’s death. He has been on a tirade, suggesting that the late rapper’s friends were complicit in planning and carrying out his alleged murder.

Yanga expressed anger towards Nota’s divisive and opinionated behavior, claiming that he was only seeking attention. Yanga believed that spreading conspiracy theories would hinder the murder investigation and ultimately shield the true culprits.

Twitter users expressed mixed reactions when Yanga revealed that Nota was chased away by AKA’s family when he pitched up to pay condolences.


“I think Nota is just deeply hurt. Instead of crying like everyone else, he is expressing his feelings in other ways.


“Kodwa, this fighting ain’t necessary….it’s hardly 72 hours since AKA’s passing….now you want this to be about you two… Can at least 1 of you play a bigger person and avoid this public spat?”


“Nota is disrespectful, and for as long as people entertain his crap, he’s never gonna stop. Now he’s trying to gain relevance at AKA’s expense.”

By jdt