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Open Mic label Manager Explains Makhadzi’s No-show At An Event In Limpopo

Brenden Maseko, the label manager for Open Mic Productions, has denied reports that Makhadzi was a no-show at an event in Tzaneen, Limpopo. According to TshisaLIVE, Maseko claims that Makhadzi was never booked for the event.

Makhadzi is a popular South African singer, songwriter and dancer known for her hit song “Ghanama”. She was allegedly booked by businessman Jeffrey Malatji to perform at Ejays Lounge in Moime village outside Tzaneen on Saturday. However, Makhadzi did not attend the show, claiming that she had not been paid.

Open Mic Productions denies booking Makhadzi for the event

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Makhadzi-Image Source(Instagram)

Maseko refuted Malatji’s claims, saying that Open Mic Productions had never booked Makhadzi for the event. He challenged Malatji to provide proof of payment or an invoice from Open Mic or Makhadzi.

“It’s a lie, they’ve never booked Makhadzi … ask them to send you an invoice from us or POP (proof of payment) they made to Open Mic or Makhadzi — there is no such a thing,” Maseko told TshisaLIVE.

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King Monada takes responsibility for Makhadzi’s no-show

King Monada, a fellow musician who was also allegedly involved in the incident, took “full responsibility” for what happened. In a Facebook post, he said that he did not want people to write bad things about Makhadzi.

“Whoever wants to write bad things about Makhadzi for not pitching at my event should rather write about me. I take full responsibility,” he said.

However, Monada’s manager, Makwela Makwela, refused to provide any further details about the incident, saying that the reports were causing unnecessary trouble between the two artists.

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Performance in Zimbabwe

Makhadzi perfoming-Image Source(Instagram)

Makhadzi recently performed at a concert in Zimbabwe that was disrupted by fans. Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Maseko said that the performance was cut short to restore order.

“We did most of the performance. We didn’t finish the set because we didn’t want to put others at risk. The promoter said he was calling the police to come to calm the crowd. It was a beautiful performance. People still love Makhadzi out there,” he said.

Despite the controversy, Makhadzi remains a popular artist and continues to perform at events across South Africa and beyond.

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