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The Ranaka sisters though they may seem like a tight-knit bunch have revealed that they were not on speaking terms for a year. Dineo, Manaka and Mpumi shared recently that the three recently reconciled at their father’s 80th birthday.

Despite the seemingly unshakeable unity of the Ranaka sisters – Dineo, Mpumi, and Manaka – they openly acknowledge the challenges they face as siblings. “We’re not pretentious. We fight, and this year has truly tested our bond,” says Mpumi.

Major Fallout and Reconciliation

Manaka and Mpumi recently disclosed a significant rift that kept the three sisters from speaking for an entire year.

“It would have been heartbreaking for me to get married without my sisters present,” Mpumi shares. Fortunately, a reunion has taken place. Manaka reflects on their journey, stating, “We didn’t know we would go through a healing process that we didn’t ask for.”

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Manaka sisters and their father
Ranaka sisters and their father-Image Source@X

Manaka shares her initial reluctance when invited to the Life Artois Festive Get-Together. She wondered if the organizers were aware of the sisters’ strained relationship. “We didn’t know we would go through some healing process that we didn’t ask for,” she admits. The turning point came during their father’s 80th birthday lunch, where they began talking after a year of silence.

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Reunited Through Their Father’s 80th Birthday

The sisters express their joy at being reunited, crediting their father’s 80th birthday lunch as the catalyst. “God works in mysterious ways,” Manaka remarks. “At the end of that evening, everyone was in tears; we were talking and bonding. Despite unresolved issues, we love each other; after all, we are siblings.”

Manaka recently defended her sister Dineo from social media trolls during a challenging time. “I will defend my sister even if we are not talking,” she asserts. The sisters highlight the difficulty of being in the limelight while dealing with personal issues. “We were not talking, and I won’t elaborate on why. But the way it worked itself out is important to me,” concludes Manaka.

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