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Jojo Robinson, known for her role in The Real Housewives of Durban, shared that she recently faced a medical emergency after she was hospitalized in the middle of the night.

On Sunday, Jojo took to social media to post a photo from the hospital with friends and fellow reality TV personalities Nonku Williams and Ruan Scheepers. She recounted her harrowing experience of being rushed to the emergency room at 1 am due to intense pain.According to the Reality TV star, she felt a very sharp and intense pain at night and was rushed to the hospital. On arrival the doctors revealed that she had kidney stones that needed to be removed.ALSO READ: Tyla and Makhadzi Win Big AT BET Awards In International Categories

Close Call with Kidney Failure

“One moment I was perfectly healthy, and the next, I found out my kidney was on the verge of failing,” Jojo explained.

She was diagnosed with a 1.6cm kidney stone obstructing her urethra, causing a severe infection and pus accumulation in her left kidney. Her doctor successfully removed the stone and inserted a stent to prevent further complications. Jojo was informed that without this intervention, her kidney might have failed within a week or two.


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She is scheduled for another surgery in two weeks to remove the stent and address any remaining stones. Her first surgery was successful and the doctors shared that she was out of the woods for now and on the road to recovery.

Many of her fans and other fellow celebrities took to her comment section to wish her a speedy recovery. Others thanked God for the early diagnosis before serious damage was done to her and the kidney. Some applauded Nonku Williams for staying besides her friend in these difficult times as well.


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