Shaun Stylist Zuki MilkShaun Stylist Grabs Zuki Lamani's Milk [Image: @maphepha_ndaba_/aparazzi Instagram]

Musician and DJ Shaun Stylist has caused a rave online after grabbing influencer Zuki Lamani’s milk on camera.


Shaun Stylist Grabs Zuki Lamani’s Milk

Shaun and Zuki were at an event when they bumped into each other. The two social media influencers exchanged pleasantries, and Zuki decided to show her followers she was with the disc spinner.

Now, Zuki looked elegant in a yellow blazer and a white top that showed a generous portion of her fuller cleavage. And Shaun noticed it and would not let that slide.

Zuki opened her phone camera and started recording, and Shaun’s naughty side kicked in. He started caressing the influencer’s chest, who seemed not to mind.

With an expression that showed he was impressed, Shaun exclaimed, “You have the milk. You carry the milk. Ubisi mtanami,” as he grabbed and squeezed the milk.

Zuki could not help but burst into laughter, and Shaun turned to walk away and go about his business.

Watch the funny moment below.



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Shaun Stylist, whose real name is Shaun Andile Naki, is a prominent South African model, musician, DJ, philanthropist, businessman, and social media personality. He has gained significant recognition in the fashion industry and is renowned for his distinctive style and fashion sense.

He often hangs out with MaMkhize’s son, Andile Mpisane, and even attended Mpisane’s surprise wedding. Despite his carefree and naughty nature, Shaun has a wife and a child.

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“What Does The Wife Say?”

Shaun Stylist Zuki Milk
Shaun Stylist Grabs Zuki Lamani’s Milk [Image: @maphepha_ndaba_/aparazzi Instagram]


Social media users laughed hard and had much to say after Shaun Stylist grabbed Zuki Lamani’s milk.


“Some gents, if not all, aren’t marriage material. They’re just getting married because of societal pressure.”


“You have the milk. You carry the milk”😂😂😂”


“It’s sad that the wife doesn’t have them… Men will embarrass you, and they do that in public 🤞😔”


“Zuki likes married men. The wife needs to respect herself and leave that circus. This boy isn’t marriage material.”

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