Skomota Performs at PropagandaSkomota performing at Propaganda (Images: screenshots)

Skomota Performs at Propaganda Leaving Patrons Begging for More

Man of the moment Skomota is being mocked after a clip of him performing on stage at Propaganda in Pretoria was shared on X (formerly Twitter).

The viral dancing sensation is not only gaining popularity but also scoring bookings left and right. Adding to his success, he recently released a single with award-winning songstress Makhadzi.

A user on X, @QueenYayaNew, shared the clip of Skomota having a blast on stage at Propaganda. The patrons in the video are hyping him up, and the crowd is cheering as he performs the dance that made him a social media sensation. The caption by the user reads, “Anyways, Skomota was booked at Propaganda as well !!!”

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Mzansi Weighs In As Skomota Performs at Propaganda

In the comments section, South Africans weighed in on Skomota’s performance at Propaganda. Mzansi did not hold back and gave an honest opinion on the viral sensation’s performance at the high-end establishment. Below are some of the comments:


It’s crazy how people actually go to clubs for this


South Africa is not a serious country at all!


This is proof that one would never know when their break through is. All it takes is time and patience. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


South Africans are rich. They pay for everything 🤔


Looks won’t always get you booked , you put in the effort and work . That’s what Skomota is doing doesn’t dance 2 minutes and be seated 🪑. Anyway it’s his time to shine ✨ may he get more bookings

You can watch the video below:

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Makhadzi’s Defense: Performance Amidst Controversy

The video comes hot on the heels of Makhadzi firing shots at comedian Eugene Khoza for dissing Skomota last week.

On October 23, 2023, Eugene Khoza filled in on Podcast And Chill for MacG, who was in Miami. During the episode, he threw shade at Skomota. Khoza took a dig at Makhadzi for bringing Skomota on the SAMA stage, saying there were more talented folks who deserved the spotlight instead. He went on, saying South Africans hype up talentless folks way too much.

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