Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Twitter)Somizi and Mohale in happier times-Image Source(Twitter)

Somizi and Mohale’s Dramatic Divorce Finally Comes to an End

After almost two years of drama, the divorce case between Somizi Mhlongo and his ex-husband Mohale Motaung has come to a close. In March 2023, Somizi closed his action for the divorce case against Mohale and agreed to pay all charges associated with the case.

Somizi Pays Legal Fees Despite No Order

Somizi and Mohale-Image Source(Instagram)
Somizi and Mohale-Image Source(Instagram)

In an interview with local media publications, Somizi stated that he was not ordered to pay the costs but decided to do so because it was an insignificant amount due to the case being in its early stages. The news came almost a month after their marriage was declared null and void. Mohale has seemingly thrown shade at Somizi, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by his followers.

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Mohale Throws Shade at Somizi

Despite the divorce being finalized, Mohale appeared to take a jab at Somizi on Twitter. He shared a photo of himself at his wedding to Somizi in response to a tweet about getting married too young. Although Mohale did not explain the context behind the picture, many interpreted it as shade towards Somizi.

Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)
Mohale and Somizi-Image Source(Twitter/_muzie)

Mzansi Reactions

Many Twitter users found the situation amusing and shared their thoughts on the matter. Some interpreted Mohale’s tweet as a sarcastic response to Somizi’s statements about his healing process, while others applauded Mohale for finally moving on.

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The End of Somizi and Mohale’s Divorce Drama

The divorce case between Somizi and Mohale has been a long and tumultuous affair, with both parties accusing each other of scandalous behaviour. Now that the case has come to a close, it is hoped that both Somizi and Mohale can move on with their lives.

While the drama has been entertaining for many onlookers, it is essential to remember that these are real people with real feelings. It’s important to treat them with respect and kindness as they navigate this difficult time in their lives.

By Letho