Tebogo Thobejane ShotTebogo Thobejane (Image: Tebogo Thobejane/Instagram)

Night Out Turns Nightmare: Tebogo Thobejane Narrowly Avoids Tragedy in Sandton Shooting

Former Muvhango star Tebogo Thobejane narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation when she was shot at multiple times in Sandton on a fateful Tuesday night.

Tragically, her companion, an unnamed close friend, is currently battling for her life at an undisclosed medical facility.

The harrowing incident comes months after the socialite returned to South Africa from France.

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Night Out Turns Terrifying

Tebogo Thobejane’s brush with death occurred as she was making her way back home from a night out at Saints Champagne Lounge in Sandton, Johannesburg, around 11 PM. She was accompanied by her friend and a driver in a Mercedes Benz when the unthinkable happened. According to her account to ZiMoja, their peaceful journey was abruptly interrupted when three unidentified assailants pulled up alongside their vehicle and began firing shots.

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Terrifying Moments Unfold: Tebogo Thobejane Shot in Sandton

Tebogo described the terrifying moment when a bullet grazed her back before striking her friend.

“They shot at us and the bullet scrapped me on my back, it missed and hit my friend who is currently in hospital,” Tebogo said.

Adding to the chilling ordeal, Tebogo Thobejane expressed her suspicion that this was not a random shooting incident.

“It did not look like it was a robbery or an attempted hijacking. I have my suspicions- it looked like a hit,” Tebogo added.

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Profound Impact on Tebogo Thobejane

Unsurprisingly, Tebogo Thobejane said she is still traumatised by the shooting incident. She said,

“We are blessed to be alive, but my friend is in hospital and I am trying to recover from the trauma. I knew some people didn’t like me but I did not expect someone to shoot me or to want to kill me. Is it the money? Is it the club? This has become very unsafe. I am a mother, who will take care of my son if anything were to happen to me?”


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