Kevin Gwara GwaraTrevor Noah x Kevin Hart (Image: @trevornoah/Twitter)

WATCH| Kevin Hart’s Hilarious Gwara Gwara Left South African In Hysterics

Trevor Noah and comedian Kevin Hart had a wild time partying together, and the video was shared all over Instagram.

The actor from the movie Think Like A Man travelled to South Africa last week for a tour dubbed Reality Check. He held his first show in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Kevin Gwara Gwara
Kevin Hart x Trevor Noah (Image: @trevornoah/Instagram)

After his amazing first show, Kevin Hart went on to attend the premiere of his new movie, Die Hart, at the Monet Casino on Thursday. 


Hart finished off his tour with two shows in Pretoria over the weekend.

After his final show on Saturday, Kevin Hart said that Trevor Noah made a surprise appearance and got huge applause from the audience, and it was one of the biggest applauses he had ever seen.

“He then bought me up, and the rest is history!” Hart added. “I can’t thank you all enough. Mpho Hart loves South Africa. Until next time guys!”

Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah had a fun night out after their show. The two comedians left South Africa rolling with laughter when Kevin Hart posted a video of them enjoying themselves in the club on Instagram.

 Kevin Hart posted a video on Instagram trying to do the South African dance move called “Gwara Gwara”. He said that he learned it from Trevor Noah. 



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South Africans found Kevin Hart’s attempt at doing a popular “Gwara Gwara” dance from their country funny and teased Trevor Noah for not teaching the American comedian very well.

Below are comments from the netizens who watched the video clip.


🙆🏿‍♀️🙆🏿‍♀️🙆🏿‍♀️On behalf of South Africans we apologize for those dance moves, how could you Trevor 😂😂🫣


@trevornoah dancing 🕺 is a comedy, I think the two of you could do a “dancing comedy show”, hilarious. Love you both!


I’m disappointed in @trevornoah 😂😂 the gwaragwara is such an old dance move 😂. Glad y’all enjoyed yourselves


Which dance is that Trevor?! 🤔 Your white side is starting to show he?! 😆 We are summoning the ancestors ASAP.. sorry Kev.. come learn that style in Kenya. We taught it to Obama!!🏃💨


@trevornoah dances like Madiba 😂truly a son of the struggle 😂