Rustenburg AKA ShootingAKA Shooting x Gumbi Shooting (Image: Screenshots)

Web of Intrigue: Social Media Detectives Connect Dots Between Brutal Rustenburg Shooting and AKA ‘s Mysterious Slaying

Social media is buzzing with the belief that the very same culprits responsible for fatally shooting a businessman in Rustenburg on Wednesday are also the ones behind the assassination of AKA back in February this year.

A heartless attack unfolded right outside a popular coffee shop on Kock Street in Rustenburg, resulting in the tragic death of Ben Jabu Gumbi.

Online Video Evidence Sparks AKA And Rustenberg Shooting Comparison

Video evidence of the incident has been circulating widely on X, commonly referred to as Twitter. Observers on social media have pointed out the uncanny resemblance between Gumbi’s assassination and that of the acclaimed rapper AKA.

At approximately 8 AM last Wednesday, Ben Jabulani Gumbi fell victim to an ambush right in front of Platō Coffee on Kock Street. While Gumbi was engrossed in his mobile phone, one of the assailants suddenly approached him. Shockingly, without any forewarning, the gunman donning a white hat fired three shots from close range, fatally hitting Gumbi in the head. As he crumpled to the ground, the other gunman delivered a final shot before both swiftly fled the scene.

Drawing connections from the modus operandi of the shooter(s), amateur sleuths on social media pieced together the puzzle and concluded that the shooter who targeted Gumbi was the very same individual responsible for the rapper’s murder. AKA had also fallen victim to a close-range gunshot to the head from a perpetrator wearing a white beanie.

Skepticism and Advice on Sharing Information

Several X users have pointed out certain physical resemblances between the shooter of AKA and the assassin of Ben Jabu Gumbi. Here are some of their comments:


The nose 👃 and chickbone 🤔


Same execution style used, shot at close range to the head that is to make sure that the target die instantly

However, some felt that the X user was just theorising for clout. Others advised the user to approach the police with information that could lead to the arrest of AKA’s murderer.


You’re reporting this on the wrong platform…

Or is it a matter of trying to be relevant here on Twitter/X


Ai ai ai lies

By Tayana