Natasha Thahane

‘Y’all Need To Stop’: Natasha Thahane Breaks Her Silence On Her Drastic Weight Loss

South African actress and media personality Natasha Thahane has taken to her Instagram page and defended her drastic weight loss.

This follows after social media users were concerned with the star’s latest appearance and asked her a lot of questions.

Breaking her silence, Thahane, who gave birth to a baby boy less than a year ago, took to her Instagram Stories and wrote that she has lost weight because she is currently breastfeeding her baby.

She also added that she will gain the weight back eventually.

“Ya’ll need to stop commenting nge weight yami! I am breastfeeding. I will gain my weight back eventually,” she captioned her post.

Natasha Thahane
‘Y’all Need To Stop’: Natasha Thahane Breaks Her Silence On Her Drastic Weight Loss. Image Credit: Instagram

Many people didn’t think Natasha needed to explain her weight loss. Some of them headed to social media to defend her.

Below are a few comments on the post:

@BadGirlJiela said:

“Wow, the weight loss looks amazing on her… This shows people shouldn’t be afraid to fix their flaws. Now she’s worthy to date Lorch… Yes, gurlllll!!!!!”


“People will judge you no matter what…you be you! You owe no one explanation. Let’s face it the outside voice should remain exactly there…Outside”

A few months ago, the Blood & Water actress took to her official Instagram page to clap back at controversial gossip monger Musa Khawula.

Natasha Thahane was responding to Musa Khawula’s claim that she ditched her birth name Nokuthula, to appeal better to society and the entertainment industry.
Natasha Thahane responded to Musa Khawula with an update on her Instagram stories.

She put a screenshot of an old post of hers where she mentioned that her real name is Nokuthula. The post is from 2019 and she explained what her name means.

The screenshot was accompanied by the song Mind My Business by Dan Evens, Patrice Roberts, and Travis World. She reminded Musa that she already revealed her African name and that she has embraced it.

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