Zolisa Xaluva Not FiredZolisa Xaluva (Image: ZiMoja)

Zolisa Xaluva Not Fired From Smoke & Mirrors

Zolisa Xaluva has set the record straight following reports that he had been fired from the e.tv telenovela Smoke & Mirrors.

Reports pointed out that the seasoned actor who plays the role of one of the protagonists, Caesar had been let go after season one.

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Insider Insights on Challenging Negotiations

Speaking to ZiMoja, Zolisa Xaluva cleared the air, revealing that he is no longer bound by a contract after fulfilling his obligations for season one. An insider, corroborating Xaluva’s statement, disclosed that the production company is currently deliberating whether to retain the actor or not, citing challenging negotiations.

“No one has been confirmed for the next season as yet but they were in talks about finances. Maybe they are feeling intimidated by him knowing what he wants, and they decided during the discussion that they would let him go,” the insider said.

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Zolisa Xaluva’s Perspective: Not Fired But Negotiating

Zolisa Xaluva Fired Smoke and Mirrors
Zolisa Xaluva (Image: Phil Mphela/X)

Zolisa Xaluva told the publication that he is no longer under contract so there is no way that he would be fired. Rather he would just be not returning.

“That purely means, even if my contract is not renewed, I wouldn’t be fired. I would have just not been returning. So, I have not been fired.” Zolisa said.

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Ongoing Negotiations and Positivity

Discussing the ongoing negotiations, Xaluva revealed they were nearing a resolution with the production company. He stressed that despite the complexities of negotiations and potentially tricky clauses, they hadn’t reached a point of parting ways.

“We are still in serious negotiations for season two. Negotiations are never easy and clauses can be tricky. But it hasn’t gotten to the point of parting ways. The last conversations we had were this morning and there was no animosity,” he added.

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