Mzansi Expresses Worry Over Skomota's WellbeingMzansi Expresses Worry Over Skomota's Wellbeing (Image Credit: Facebook)

Mzansi expresses worry over Skomota’s well-being after a video of him with heavy security detail looking tired and fatigued emerged on social media.

It looks like the viral sensation Skomota hasn’t had the time to rest or just chill ever since he gained fame.

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Mzansi Raises Concerns over Skomota’s Distressed Appearance

Man of the moment, Skomota has been making waves on social media, spotted at various clubs, and even hosted on multiple podcasts.

A new video of him walking into what looks like a club with heavy security has surfaced on X. The video which has been shared by an entertainment blog MDN News has got social media buzzing about his wellbeing.

Mzansi Expresses Worry Over Skomota's Wellbeing
Mzansi Expresses Worry Over Skomota’s Wellbeing (Image Credit: Facebook/Kamo-Shoots)

Netizens have expressed concern about his health, noting how he looked exhausted, confused, and lost, in the video.

Watch the video below;


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Taking to the comment section, netizens expressed worry and concern over Skomota’s well-being and health. Social media users argued that he looked exhausted and fatigued in the video.

Moreover, Mzansi also raised concerns that Skomota might be getting scammed and exploited by those who are managing him.

Check out some of the reactions;


Here he looks a bit fatigued.. I hope they give him enough rest..


He’s tired shame..


It’s painful to watch,
People are using this guy for their own interests


They are using a mentally challenged kid for their own benefit, one day it’s gonna come out… Poor Skomota..They are milking money out of his fame.


Skomota looks lost , like he doesn’t know why he’s there .


These guys angeke balibone izulu 🤞🤞🤞using this poor man kanje..He looks tired


Something tells me they’re using him to launder money.


I just hope his management is not scamming him😢😢

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