Ayanda Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)Ayanda Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)

Baby Number Two: Presenter Ayanda Thabethe Reveals She Is Pregnant

Ayanda Thabethe might be pregnant with her second child. A source close to her said that she told her friends about the pregnancy. She is currently in Namibia and is said to be happy with her baby bump.

Ayanda runs a successful makeup business with her sister and her family is growing. She had her first child last year and confirmed her second pregnancy on her Instagram with photos from a prenatal photo shoot.

Ayanda Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)
Ayanda Thabethe-Image Source(Instagram)

Ayanda posted photos of herself in Namibia wearing a jacket that hides her baby bump. It has been less than a year since she welcomed her first baby. Over the past year, she has managed to launch a makeup brand in collaboration with her sister who is a makeup artist.

Who is Ayanda Thabethe’s baby daddy?

After her first child was born, rumors circulated that her partner, Peter Matsimbe, was married. Pictures of the two were shared on the internet and he was revealed to be married.

Ayanda Thabethe and her baby daddy-Image Source(Instagram)
Ayanda Thabethe and her baby daddy-Image Source(Instagram)

Eva Modika even jumped on the rumors after she claimed that Ayanda Thabethe does not like her because her baby daddy bought Eva drinks at the club. This was after Ayanda Thabethe claimed that Eva Modika was the one behind the Maphepha Ndaba Instagram blog.

However, the couple denied the rumors and Ayanda’s lawyers wrote a statement saying that Mr. PM is not married and that there is no evidence to prove otherwise.

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