Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(instagram)Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(instagram)

Watch: Pearl Thusi Appears To Be Dissing DJ Zinhle Calling Her A Fake Friend

South African actress and media personality, Pearl Thusi, spoke about knowing when to end a friendship on TikTok. Fans were left questioning why her friendship with musician DJ Zinhle ended months ago.

Her TikTok post led many people to think that Pearl was throwing shade at Zinhle. It does not help that just a few weeks ago, Pearl Thusi said that in their friendship circle, none of them are married to Moozlie on her cooking show.

Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(instagram)
Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(Instagram)

Moozlie said DJ Zinhle was married but Pearl Thusi said that according to the Zulu custom, DJ Zinhle was only engaged to Murdah Bongz as they did not do all the ceremonies required for them to be married. Many people commented that Pearl sounded jealous of Zinhle’s happiness.

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle’s friendship over the years

Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(instagram)
Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle-Image source(Instagram)

The friendship between Pearl and Zinhle was once admired, and they often shared pictures of their vacations, shopping trips, and nights out together on social media. But one day, the photos stopped, and their friendship seemed to have come to an end.

There was a lot of speculation that the friendship ended because Pearl was hanging out with all the people Zinhle hated. Tweeps claimed that DJ Zinhle had a Queen Bee mentality and wanted to be followed around.

Watch Pearl Thusi’s Tik Tok below:

Pearl recently made a TikTok video explaining how she ended two friendships, without specifying whether it was about Zinhle or not. Many people in South Africa assumed that it was, and they had a lot to say in the comment section. The other friendship she talked about, people assumed that she was talking about Lerato Kganyago.

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