Dj Euphonik's Insensitive Tweet Following Zoleka Mandela's Death Sparks ControversyDj Euphonik's Insensitive Tweet Following Zoleka Mandela's Death Sparks Controversy (Image Credit: OKMzansi)

South African DJ Euphonik’s ‘Good Riddance’ insensitive tweet following Zoleka Mandela’s death has drawn ire from social media.

Zoleka Mandela, a prominent member of the revered Mandela family, sadly succumbed to cancer at the age of 43 after displaying unwavering courage throughout her prolonged battle with the disease.

Euphonik insensitive following Zoleka Mandela's death sparks controversy
Dj Euphonik’s insensitive following Zoleka Mandela’s death sparks controversy (Image Credit: TFG Media)

Her passing sent shockwaves throughout South Africa, triggering an outpouring of tributes and heartfelt condolences across various social media platforms.

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Dj Euphonik Insensitive Tweet Following Zoleka Mandela’s Death

Amidst this collective expression of mourning and empathy, DJ Euphonik’s social media activity took a drastically different turn. On his social media page, he posted a cryptic message that was widely interpreted as celebrating the passing of Zoleka Mandela. In his tweet, he wrote:

God fetching okes in their numbers! Good Riddance.

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Public Outcry on Social Media over Dj Euphonik Tweet

Euphonik’s tweet sparked an immediate and fierce backlash on social media. Many were taken aback by the timing of his post, which came mere hours after the announcement of Zoleka Mandela’s death. The consensus was that the message was highly inappropriate and deeply insensitive during a time when the nation was collectively mourning the loss of a beloved figure.

Check out some of the reactions from social media:


Asoze uyeke ubangu Mgqundu kanene Doti 🚮


I hope it’s not Zoleka you’re talking about wena Msunu


Aiibo hopefully you not referring to Zoleka
If so such a disgusting thing to say .


Oksalayo sonke sizofa and you might also be a “good riddance” to others


He’s not doing much coz here you are, I need Him to work harder 😬😬😬😬😬

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