Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

The Royalty Soapie Awards Disrespected Me’ Tbo Touch Reveals Reasons Why He Didn’t Attend The Show

Thabo Molefe, also known as Tbo Touch, did not attend the 6th Royalty Soapie Awards, where he was meant to give a special award to Connie Chiume. Tbo Touch said on social media that he felt disrespected by how he was invited to the event. Although some people criticized him for not going, he still believes he made the right choice.

During the awards ceremony, Mpho Popps presented the award to Chiume, which surprised Tbo Touch. The event organisers contacted Tbo Touch directly instead of following the proper procedures. Later, Tbo Touch explained his absence on his radio show and apologized to Chiume.

Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)
Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

The reason why Tbo Touch did not attend Royalty Soapie Awards

Tbo Touch said, “There are people employed by that organization whose job it is to see that you reach me, that your message gets returned, and that you receive your desired outcome. There are correct procedures that must be followed.”

Despite having a valid reason, Tbo Touch was met with backlash from the public. Many people think he is letting fame get to his head and is no longer humble. Some even claimed that the Award ceremony asking him to hand a legend like Conni Chiume her award was an honour to him and not the other way around.

Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)
Tbo Touch-Image Source(Instagram)

A publicist named Simphiwe Majola confirmed that Tbo Touch did not attend the event and said there may have been a misunderstanding in the office.

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