Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)

Tweep Claims Sorisha Naidoo is 33 Years Old, Leaving Mzansi Divided

People on social media are arguing about Sorisha Naidoo, a star on the TV show Real Housewives of Durban. Some fans don’t like her because of her age. The reality  TV star’s age became a hot topic after she joined the show because people started labelling her as a gold digger.

Naidoo was said to be in her forties, while her husband, Vivian Redd, is in his late 60s. The age difference between them is 25 years, making many people think that Sorisha is in the marriage for money. Redd is a millionaire, and Sorisha is very vocal about loving the soft life he provides for her.

Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)
Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)

But she is still one of the most popular stars on the show because she has changed from being quiet to being outspoken.

Tweep Claims that Sorisha Naidoo is 33 years old, leaving Mzansi with divided opinions

Since the start of Season 3, Naidoo has been very popular on social media. After each show, people talk about how she spoke her mind. Recently, TV personality Asisipho Burwana said on Twitter that Naidoo is 33 years old. Burwana claimed to know  Naidoo in person, making people wonder if Naidoo’s online profile was accurate.

Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)
Sorisha Naidoo- Image Source(Instagram)

Burwana wrote on Twitter, “Sorisha is 33 years old,” She also said, “I know Sorisha personally; you guys only know her on TV.”

Many Tweeps denied that 33 years is Naidoo’s age, claiming that she looks at least 45 years old. However, Asisipho was adamant in his statement that it is a fact and that the internet is lying about her age.

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